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No Time for Facts, Just Stats

Between traveling for work last week and spending all weekend at SPX, I haven’t had time to think of anything smart to say, but look at those numbers! It’s a huge week and not too shabby! Nancy Drew is out! I dunno.

If I could break my own rules and count my haul from SPX, the numbers would be even better, partly because I bought almost nothing from men. I can’t buy everything that looks good at SPX, so I have to find some way to limit my spending. 

Next week is around the corner, so maybe I’ll have something smart to say then.

This Week's Books

This Week's Stats

  9/12/2018 All Time
Gender-diverse Books 22 (55%) 968 (48%)
All Books 40 2033
Non-cis-male Creators 32 (19%) 1609 (17%)
All Creators 172 9203

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