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We're on a bit of a roller coaster at the moment where things are jumping up and down in terms of book diversity, but stay pretty grim overall. A second full week of data means that we're getting closer to seeing charts that accurately represent the jobs people are doing in the industry, but don't expect representation in letterers to go up significantly. 

I picked up some back issues as well and added those to the database - I don't think I'm ever going to get the rest of my (thousands of) comics into the database, but since what I'm cataloging is not representative of the industry (it's just things I buy), it doesn't matter that much. But here's your reminder: if these numbers seem bad, please be aware that they're a lot better than the overall direct market.

Highlights of the week:

And that's about it. Let's talk about what stinks:

I'm still on the lookout for books I should be reading, creators I should be following, and anything else you have to say about comics! If you've got tips, corrections, or suggestions, hit me up on Twitter or Mastodon!


This Week's Books

This Week's Stats

  8/15/2018 All Time
Gender-diverse Books 11 (35%) 920 (48%)
All Books 31 1921
Non-cis-male Creators 16 (12%) 1531 (18%)
All Creators 135 8725

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